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Benefits of cycling

Cycling is good for health. For one, it reduces death risks...
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Measuring your Bike

Riding bicycles is one of the most healthy & enjoyable...
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Measuring For Your New Bike

  • To ride your bicycle comfortably, you should be able to keep your feet flat on the pedal throughout its rotation. Most handlebars and saddles are adjustable but it is still important to pick the right frame size.
  • Check your inside leg length measurement against the chart to see which frame size is right for you.

Your Inside Leg (A on diagram)

The Frame Size Needed(B on diagram)

24" - 30" 16"
26" - 30" 16"
29" - 35" 20"
30" - 36" 21"
31" - 37" 22"
33" - 38" 24"